Marcel Breuer's Pirelli Building by sarkis arakelyan

The Pirelli Building is a brutalist landmark for New Haven. This Marcel Breuer structure has be vacant for the last two decades. Ikea currently owns the building but has been in talks with local hotel developers.

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Green Concrete by sarkis arakelyan

Solidia Technologies (at Rutgers University) has developed a process for making cement that produces 70% fewer CO2 emissions than the current known procedures at a lower cost. Industry Experts say this is the “most promising” proposal yet, and it is now up to Solidia to prove to the industry that this can be applied to large scale projects.

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Pompei in France by sarkis arakelyan

In Saint Colombe, a town near Vienne, a major archaeological site has been unearthed by the Swiss conservationists Archeodunum. It is an ancient Roman Settlement that has been dubbed “Little Pompeii” and it is also considered one of the most important Roman discoveries in the last 50 years.

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This summer, enjoy a perfect outing to the Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center! by sarkis arakelyan

A visit to the Manasquan County Reservoir Environmental Center would be a perfect outing this summer with friends and family. When Monmouth County dammed a brook to create the Manasquan River, civic-minded officials saw the opportunity to create a place for public education about water and the environment.

SLA designed this 11,000 square foot interpretive center to be part of a nature walk for groups of students and the general public. We chose forms evocative of the silos and barns of rural New Jersey. The bold geometric and material combinations create dynamic spaces, all linked by a path that leads to the reservoir. We designed it a few years ago and the landscape has filled in beautifully around the architecture as envisioned. 

This summer is a perfect time to experience the multi-media presentations, interactive exhibits, educational activities, and wildlife observation areas. Click below to see the schedule

162 5th Avenue Façade - Evolution of Design by sarkis arakelyan

162 5th Avenue, a commercial office building managed by ABS Partners Real Estate, was built in 1903, and is located in the Ladies Mile historic district of New York, not far from the Flatiron Building. SLA has been working on designs to restore historic façade details at the street level. As part of the first phase of the work, SLA designed an entryway to recreate a decorative arch that had formerly been replaced with an awkward mid 20th century design. We researched the original design, and based our work on historical photographs from the city tax archive. To gain approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, our design needed to replicate the original limestone, marble, granite and wood details as closely as possible. The results are shown in the bottom two photographs above. Construction of the restored arch was completed this year.

Innovative Redesign for a Commercial Townhouse by sarkis arakelyan

Ross Metals re-opens in New York City's Diamond District. The 92 year-old town house had been converted to commercial use decades ago. SLA's inventive design got rid of several haphazard additions, expanded the building to take full advantage of the available development rights, and unified the building behind a new metal-panel facade. Many unique conditions, like the construction's interface with the new adjacent high rise, had to be addressed. All were successfully resolved. The completed building has a highly detailed interior which is finely tuned to the owner's exacting display, storage, and security requirements.

Architecture With Wire by sarkis arakelyan

Artist Edoardo Tresoldi has created an architectural installation of wire mesh for a royal event in Abu Dhabi. It has taken three months to construct the installation which spans across 7,000 sq meters and it will be dismantled and reinstalled in various university settings. Read more about it below. 

The "Living Concrete" That Can Heal Itself by sarkis arakelyan

Professor Henk Jonkers at Delft University of Technology has developed a concrete mixture that is capable of repairing cracks when exposed to water. The mixture is similar to regular concrete except for the addition of the “healing agent” which are small plastic capsules containing a type of bacteria that will remain dormant until exposed to water that creeps in from a crack. When activated the bacteria feeds on calcium lactate which allows them to generate limestone to seal the crack with.

Planes Landing on Rikers by sarkis arakelyan

Mayor Bill De Blasio has announced plans to shut down the Rikers Island Jail Complex within 15 years. The Independent Commission of NYC Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform issued the report with proposed suggestions on how to re purpose the island. The proposal will allow the expansion of LaGuardia Airport, with an increased flight capacity of 40 percent. 

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Old New York by sarkis arakelyan

OLDNYC.ORG is an interactive map of photographs of New York City from the New York Public Library’s collection. You can browse photos by their documented location on the map. As described by “the images all come from the New York Public Library's Milstein Collection. While many photographers contributed to the collection, the majority of its images are the work of Percy Loomis Sperr, who documented changes to the city from the late 1920s to the early 1940s.”
It's fun to explore the city's past, wandering block by block, with a memory of its future.

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NASA's 'IceHome' by sarkis arakelyan

NASA’s groups of experts, designers and architects have engineered a project that will not only give home to astronauts in space but also sustainably use Mars’ resource of ice. The structure also serves as storage for the ice, which may be converted into fuel when needed. Other design considerations include having a place to work without the need for pressure suits along with manageable temperatures within the ‘Ice Home,’ through the use of carbon dioxide gas. 

Hyperloop in Dubai by sarkis arakelyan

Los Angeles based Hyperloop One is now collaborating with BIG to create a proposal to incorporate Hyperloop technology into Dubai’s commuter systems. They have stated that the technology will allow a one and a half hour bus commute from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to be cut down to a twelve minute commute. If approved to more forward, it is estimated that the Hyperloop could be a functioning reality within five years. 

Tesla - Solar Roof by sarkis arakelyan

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced a new product in the world of building integrated photo-voltaic technology (BIPV). Tesla aims to replace traditional solar panels with their line of photo-voltaic embedded roof tiles designed with the aesthetics of traditional roof tiles. They anticipate bringing them to market next year.

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Salvaging Wood – Salvaging History? by SCG Admin

As old warehouses and factories are torn down to make way for condominiums, wood laid down during the city’s industrial past has been recycled. Pine from the Domino factory helped restore the nursery and Venetian blinds at Monticello, while new Whitney museum has floors made of longleaf pine from the Paul G. Mehlin & Sons Piano Company factory.

Beijing: Future Supercity of 130 Million People? by SCG Admin

                China is urbanizing at an incredible rate, planning to move 250 million people from rural communities into newly constructed towns and cities by 2025. Now, after decades of trying to limit the size of its capital city, China’s government is starting on a plan to make Beijing the center of the Jing-Jin-Ji metropolitan area of 130 million people, in an attempt at urban growth and economic reform.

New York, Underwater by SCG Admin

According to a Climate Central map based on recent data from Science magazine, a 2°C increase in global warming – which is the internationally agreed target for limiting warming – would leave large swathes of NYC underwater. The rising sea level presents a problem not only for governments worldwide, but also for those who design for cities that face this reality.

East River Skyway: “A Bus-line in the Sky” by SCG Admin

A finalist in this year’s “Pitching the City” competition held by Architizer and MAS, the East River Skyway envisions an aerial cable-car network linking the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts to Manhattan. Its goal is alleviating the congestion of existing transportation systems, and supporting developments on those waterfronts.

Video Game Architecture by SCG Admin

Architecture may have a role in virtual reality; video game technology may offer new insights and opportunities for architecture. Epic Games’ ‘Unreal Engine 4,’ a game development engine is now free to use – and may become a useful tool for architects in designing and communicating their projects.