This summer, enjoy a perfect outing to the Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center! / by sarkis arakelyan

A visit to the Manasquan County Reservoir Environmental Center would be a perfect outing this summer with friends and family. When Monmouth County dammed a brook to create the Manasquan River, civic-minded officials saw the opportunity to create a place for public education about water and the environment.

SLA designed this 11,000 square foot interpretive center to be part of a nature walk for groups of students and the general public. We chose forms evocative of the silos and barns of rural New Jersey. The bold geometric and material combinations create dynamic spaces, all linked by a path that leads to the reservoir. We designed it a few years ago and the landscape has filled in beautifully around the architecture as envisioned. 

This summer is a perfect time to experience the multi-media presentations, interactive exhibits, educational activities, and wildlife observation areas. Click below to see the schedule